... but I'd rather be your negligee...

Great musician but fighting his demons takes lot of the glamour away... saw him with the Pogues for the first time in 1991... great show but he had to leave stage several times and mixed up the lyrics of the songs.

This song by Rowwen Hèze perfectly describes the feeling I had at that moment (sorry cretins, in dutch only)...

I'm a sucker for great love songs!


Hi Cretins,

It's alive... not only the first live album of our beloved band but my site is alive as well. Not all functionalities work yet like they should but I'm happy the site is amongst the living again.

Keep an eye out on 'the Ramones clipping of the week'. I'll be putting up a new clipping around Wednesday noon each week. Most of the ones I have are in Dutch or English. In case you have scanned clippings, please mail them with a short description. If you want to get rid of your hard copies, contact me.

Btw, I have a ticket pending at the hoster to get rid of those stupid backslashes before a single quote. It is a stupid PHP feature that needs to be killed.