RIP Tommy


Tommy Ramone, the original drummer and producer of the legendary punk quartet the Ramones, died at his home in Ridgewood, Queens on Friday after a long battle with bile duct cancer, Variety reported.

"Well, it finally got there…

After three and half decades the Ramones debut album- a record that changed the sound of rock n roll has finally gone gold. The band that launched a million T shirts worn by people who don’t even know who they are and were treated as a bizarre joke when they emerged in the middle of prog rock with their buzzsaw assaults that now sound like slices of classic pure pop have finally, by attrition, become the pop band they always knew they were.

Now if only they were all around to celebrate…"

Source: Louder than war

Please kill me

Check it out!

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Checked the Gamblers out at Kavka (Antwerp) yesterday. They rocked... as always. Highly energetic singer, nice choruses, great band, awesome sound!

The Priceduifkes were support act. The older they get, the tighter the band! Tighter than Richard Devine's ass anyway. Great show, guys! And thanks for dedicating a song to me... I was very flattered... and flatulent because of my age probably :D



Ramones cover by the Riverboat Gamblers:


It's always a Disaster with the Priceduifkes:



Keep on truckin',