Dee Dee is the irresistibly cute, groupie-dream bass player and back-up vocalist. He can count to four better than anyone else I know, and if he wasn’t a musician he’d probably make a great cheerleader. Dee Dee was born in Berlin, Germany on September 18th, 1952 and nothing gets him off more than his music. He loves the Bay City Rollers and even has a personally autographed copy of their best selling biography. He also likes Paul McCartney and Wings, and his favorite guitarist is Johnny Ramone.

Linda Blair and Divine are his favorite actresses (actors?) and he loves watching Happy Days and old war movies on T.V. His favorite films are Female Trouble and the Exorcist. Red, black, yellow, and white are his favorite colors and Dee Dee would love to own a little scarlet Mini Minor or a big black limo.

Dee Dee is a real connaisseur and serves Cheerios, cheeseburgers, Hostess cupcakes and blackberry brandy at his famous 3-course private diner parties, though he’s been known to open a can of Beefaroni for a special occasion now and then. Dee is very romantic and movie or the beach are his favorite places to go on dates (you can smooch in both places). He loves the hot sun and clean ocean. In fact, Dee’s a very clean person- he takes three showers a day (remember Tiny Tim? The Showers sure didn’t do for him what they do for Dee Dee!
Maybe it was the shampoo….)

Dee Dee’s pet peeves are crummy sound systems and nagging pushy girls- he likes the kind who have style, "a touch of class as they say.

Dee collects war relics and has a giant library of old 45’s from the 50’s and 60’s. He loves to read comic books and music mags.

Punk Magazine, Issue #3, April, 1976