Ramones guitarist John Cummings, a.k.a. Johnny Ramone, died in his sleep on a Wednesday afternoon (09/15/2004) in Los Angeles. Punk rock heaven is getting a bit too crowded... We'll miss those down strokes!




Johnny is the super guitarist who wears cartoon t-shirts and a mean pout on his face while he’s playing. Johnny always looks as though he’s gonna kill his guitar but he never fails to kill the audience instead. Johnny was too young to remember where he was born but he knows the date- October 8th, 1951. His all time favorite group is the Beatles but he loves Buddy Holly, Elvis Presley, Gene Pitney, Dion, and Peter Lemonjello (?!!*?)
too. Johnny loves reading T.V. Guides and watching creature features. He is a big fan of Boris Karloff’s andThe Bride of Frankenstein is one of his favorite movies. (Mine too-wasn’t she gorgeous? What a coiffure!) Along with that enchanting favorite of everyone’s the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Johnny’s favorite colors are Black and White, and he’d like to have either a Rolls Royce or a Chevy Vega. He loves tacos and his dream date is a night out at Jack-in-the-Box. Johnny likes girls with nice bodies (one look at his sweetie and you’ll know just what he means), and strangely enough he gets high on John Denver. I guess it’s the thin mountain air he sings about. Johnny hates bugs and tuning up is one thing that bugs him. He wants most of all for the RAMONES to become a top group so that he can retire and do nothing in the future.

Punk Magazine, Issue #3, April, 1976