Welcome to my blog. Originally I started with a small DIY website in 2001 on the Ramones. Because of my limited html skills etc. it was made of a copy/paste code, sweat, blood and tears... but I reached quite some people from all over the place (US, Argentina, UK, Japan, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Belgium, Australia...). I'm still in touch with many of them on a regular basis (thx Facebook).

Although the website is/was called Ramones.be, it was never a Ramones-only content site. I would have liked to gather all belgian related Ramones stuff on 1 page but other priorities didn't allow me to put enough time into accomplishing something like that. The site ended up in being a place on which I posted Ramones-related gig dates (mainly Deedee and Marky at that time. I also posted all kinds of messages on other concerts of bands that I like, personal pics and band pics, punkrock stuff in general and it had a pretty active forum as well. Many of the forum members were active on the Ramones forum that was started up a couple of years later, on the MarkyRamoneGroup message board etc.

After 6 years or so, I decided to vamp up the site with a new design but the content stayed more or less the same. I became less active in updating it though. Main reason because things were rather busy in both my personal and professional live but also because updating the site was alwasy such a hassle because of the way it was built up. As I said, I'm not an html, php or whatever guru.

I have many plans (as usual) that I want to add to this site but for now, I hope I found an easy way to keep the site up-to-date and add new content on a more regular basis. If I find an easy way to keep the contents of the old site, I'll add it somewhere as an archive. Loads of BS in it but for me it's fun to read back some of the stuff that kept me/us busy 10 years ago.

In case you have suggestions or want to contribute to the site, just send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Ramones forever, forever Ramones,